Introducing TvGameLauncher

EDIT – check out TvGameLAuncherGUI!

I recently blogged about Playing PC games on your HDMI-connected TV, and I mentioned a couple of programs you could use to get the job done, along with a couple of batch files you could whip up to ease the process.

Secretly though, I knew it wasn’t enough. So I wrote TvGameLauncher to take care of everything for you (including something I forgot – preventing computer sleep). Everything is now done automatically in one fell swoop.

For example, in order to run ioquake3 on your TV, you could run a command such as TvGameLauncher.exe -t -h 2 -s 0 -e “F:Gamesioquake3ioquake3.x86.exe”

And in order to run Hotline Miami (through Steam): TvGameLauncher.exe -t -h 2 -s 0 -l steam://rungameid/219150 -e HotlineGL.exe

Again, thanks go to Dave Amenta and Michael Welter for their useful utilities that made this possible (EDIT – TvGameLauncher now utilized NirCmd instead – thanks Nir!)

I have some ideas for improvements, but this should suffice for now.



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  1. Any plans to make a GUI or perhaps a drag/drop function for creating game shortcuts? Such as the ability to drag say, Portal 2 shortcut, into the program and have it auto create the shortcut for us, and then being able to launch that shortcut from the app? Right now your program works perfectly…but creating an individual shortcut for each game is a bit of nuisance.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the kind words !

      No plans for a GUI but for non-steam games you could easily create drag & drop behavior using a batch file. For example you could create LaunchOnTV.bat with the following contents:

      TvGameLauncher.exe -k -t -h 2 -s 0 -e %1

      Then simply drag the game’s executable to the batch file (or a shortcut to the batch file).

      A couple of notes:
      1. This won’t work for the game’s *shortcut*, only for it’s actual executable. Parsing windows shortcut files (.lnk) is an interesting feature, I may add that in the future.
      2. This won’t work at all for Steam games, as I have no way of knowing which executable will end up being executed from the steam URL.


  2. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I like the batch file idea.

    This program is the only feasible solution currently. I was just trying to think of ways to make it better!

    1. No problem, and let me know if you have any more suggestions.

      BTW what I do is create a batch file for each game I want to play and then just use that instead of the shortcut…

  3. Hi Ohad. Thanks for the app.

    I posted this on gHacks, but then found this official site, so I’ll repost my feedback here.

    My wish is for an app like this to simply switch to the TV — where the display and audio switch to the TV, for everything, and stay there until I switch back.

    My reason is sometimes I just like to sit at the TV and surf the web, watch youtube, or maybe Netflix. Not just games, so I don’t want it to run the game on the TV, and then when I exit the game automatically switch back to the PC.

    Currently I use an autohotkey macro I created to switch to the TV, and another to switch back to the PC. A proper app to do this would be nice.

    So Ohad, if you see this, perhaps you can add a button to simply switch, and another to switch back. In other words, a button to manually switch, without having to drag/drop an exe.

    many thanks.

  4. Ohad, I replied to you on Ghacks, but I’ll say it here too, thanks for the help in how to manipulate the app into doing what I was hoping for. 🙂

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