Obtaining old Mono and MonoDevelop Mac versions

I was recently looking for old Mono and MonoDevelop Mac versions and realised they weren’t trivial to find. So for the benefit of all mankind, here are the links:

  • Mono http://download.mono-project.com/archive/ 
    • The latest stable 2.X version for mac is 2.10.12
  • MonoDevelop http://download.xamarin.com/monodevelop/Mac/MonoDevelop-VERSION.dmg
    • Switch VERSION with the version you want
    • The full version history can be found here (note that some didn’t have OSX dmg builds)
    • The latest stable MonoDevelop for Mono 2.X is 3.1.1

For more information see: http://stackoverflow.com/a/25570065/67824

Happy coding 🙂

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